Why Choose?

  • Stunning photography.  We use the latest digital technology in order to deliver the highest quality photographs, and to capture your priceless memories.

There are many reasons to choose our services, but first and foremost (and no doubt the reason that is most important to you) is that we take the highest quality photographs.

As well as using the latest photographic equipment we also use studio-style lighting and cutting-edge editing software.  Our backdrops are also unique (you can read more about our backdrops later on this page).
Please visit the following pages to see samples of our work: formal photography, dance studio photography, sports team photography and other photography.

  • 100% money back guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is.

We take pride in our high quality photographs.  If a person who orders photographs is not happy with the quality of the print, we will refund their investment in full.

  • Competitive pricing.  You won’t pay a fortune for professional photography. We photograph your event free of charge, and there are no hidden fees or minimum photo order purchases.

We believe that professional photography should be accessible to all people.  To start with, we do not charge sitting fees, this means that we come out to your event, sports team or dance studio free of charge.

In regard to formal photography, we do not specify a time limit (we arrive early and leave late).  We take unlimited photos, and we never slug you with hidden fees – of which there aren’t any. We are completely transparent.

When ordering, we do not specify a minimum purchase, simply buy as many or as few photographs as you like.

We also offer Photography Packages to provide further savings.  As you can see, we offer professional photography at a very competitive price.

  • Experience.  At Ranald Simmonds Studio Photography we have been in business since 1928.

We have photographed thousands of people at hundreds of events. Read our story.

  • Happy clients.  Please take the time to read our testimonials.

It’s great to know that our wonderful clients enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them!  We are so proud to be Brisbane photographers, because we have the great honour of working with the most wonderful people.

  • Trust, reliability, punctuality.  We are trusted Brisbane photographers. 

We proudly generate most of our work through repeat business from our valued clients, or through word of mouth referrals.

  • Blue card holders

Our photographers are Blue Card holders, and we are experienced working with students of all ages.

  • Friendly, enthusiastic and professional.  We are a small group of friendly and professional photographers, which means you’ll enjoy having us at your event.   

We are privileged to photograph many enjoyable events such as formals, dance studio events and sports team photo sessions.

The atmosphere during our photography sessions is light-hearted, and we embrace the mood of your event.

We are a friendly team who are honoured to be at your event, and as such, we treat everyone with friendliness and respect – not because we have to, but because that’s just who we are.

Our sense of enthusiasm and fun helps to create spectacular photographs because we build a rapport with people, helping them to feel at ease in front of the camera.

We love what we do, and it shows!  We are easy to talk to, easy to work with and a pleasure to have at your function.

  • Your confidentiality and privacy is respected.  All our editing is done in-house, we do not outsource to third parties.

We are proud to invest in your confidentiality and privacy by hiring in-house staff who take care of all our photographic services, including: printing, laminating and editing.

Not only does this mean that third parties cannot view your photographs, it means that we have total control over the quality and delivery of the final product.

We are never at the mercy of an outsourced supplier, we are the supplier, and we are committed to delivering a brilliant product, on time.

  • Delightful extra gifts.  To say thank you for using our photography services, we offer so many free gifts.

We like to go the extra mile for our customers by offering some little extras:

  • For school formal photography, we provide your school with: 20-30 professional images for your school magazine; a free 5 x 7 photograph for each member of staff who attend the formal (we take a staff photograph on the night), and 3 complimentary gift vouchers (with each voucher redeemable for $50 worth of photographs from the formal!).For more details visit the Formal Photography page.
  • For every $70 you spend, you receive a free 10 x 8 of your choice.
  • Excellent turnaround time.  You are keen to see your photos, and we’re keen to upload them.  

We know that people are keen to see their photographs after a formal event or a sports team or dance studio shoot.

After photographing your formal event or dance studio, we have dedicated in-house staff who touch up and edit the photographs as quickly as possible.  This usually takes around a week.

We put a strong emphasis on editing, and we choose to invest time making the photographs the best they can possibly be (this means fixing up sweaty armpits, bra straps etc).  This custom cropping and colour correction takes time, but as you can see, not too much time!

  • Unique backdrops for stunning photographs.

To start with, it’s probably a good idea to tell you what we don’t use for backdrops.  We do not use thin, tie-dyed fabric due to its ‘loud’ mottled effect (which can actually become the focus of the photograph, rather than being the backdrop).  Also, such backdrops usually have a creased and crumpled look, which can also become the focus of the photograph.

Our backdrops are hand painted on thick canvas, and we tape this canvas to the floor so that it doesn’t move.

We have many different backdrops, including: dark blue, light blue, swirly blue/green and neutral grey (which we tend to use for dance schools).  Beautiful images are due in part to beautiful backdrops.

  • Unique props.  Fun and creative props for an exciting event.

While we take many traditional-style photographs for events such as formals and graduations, we also encourage students to have fun posing with props such as large photo frames, glasses and hats.  As you can imagine, these photos will become cherished memories of a fun-filled evening!

  • Save time.  Easy ordering from our secure website.

Ordering is a breeze! Simply type in the secure login details that we provide, and view/order your photographs quickly and easily.
If your school would prefer that we don’t upload the photographs to our website, we are more than happy to provide you with an Order Form and Proof book so that parents and students do not need to order online.

For a friendly, obligation-free chat, please get in touch.  We’d love to answer your questions about our Brisbane Photography services.