The story behind Ranald Simmonds Studio Photography

Ranald Simmonds Studio Photography was established in 1928, and since that time it has built a reputation for being one of the finest and trusted photography studios in Brisbane.

Dirk Dokmanovich worked at Ranald Simmonds for 20 years before purchasing the studio, and he has a committed team of photographers working alongside him.

Dirk says:

“When my wife, Lorelle and I purchased Ranald Simmonds Studio Photography it was a dream come true.   I had been a loyal staff member at Ranald Simmonds for over two decades, and I was proud that I would be able to continue the tradition of providing professional, high quality photographs at an affordable price.

One of my greatest joys is working with such wonderful, friendly clients; and providing them with the highest quality photographs possible.  I still find photography so exciting.  The idea that I’m capturing an image that will be cherished forever is an absolute thrill, as well as an honour. 

When I receive positive feedback, I know that my team and I are continuing to carry on the Ranald Simmonds tradition, while expanding into new frontiers as well, particularly with technology advancing so rapidly”.

That’s the Ranald Simmonds Studio Photography story.  What is yours?  For an obligation-free chat, contact Dirk or a member of his team today.