About Us

A Proud History and A Bright Future

Ranald Simmonds established his photography studio right in the heart of the Brisbane CBD on Queen Street in 1928. With a simple idea to provide quality and affordable photographs to people during a time when very few families had access to a camera was something he felt passionate about delivering.

Through much hard work he built a reputation as one of the most trusted photographers in the City and greater Brisbane region. Dedicating many years to travelling all over South East Queensland to ensure those special moments were captured on film for his clients through rain, hail or shine – It’s little wonder that so many people have long-standing relationships with Ranald Simmonds Photography. Ranald had an eye for detail and believed photography wasn’t just about taking a picture – it was about providing an experience and capturing a moment in time that could be treasured for decades to come.

Ranald’s son Paul followed in his father’s footsteps, learning everything he could about the art of photography from the age of 15. Paul successfully continued to deliver quality photography and build on the excellent reputation of the company his father had started for many decades until his retirement. It wasn’t uncommon for Paul to be taking images of families who had first been photographed by his father.

Ranald Simmonds
Ranald Simmonds
Paul Simmonds
Paul Simmonds

In late 2010, Dirk and Lorelle Dokmanovich bought the company after working for the studio for many years. Dirk felt honoured to purchase an iconic Brisbane business and continue on Ranald and Paul’s legacy.

“When my wife, Lorelle, and I purchased Ranald Simmonds Photography, it was a dream come true. I had been a loyal staff member for over two decades and was proud to continue the tradition of providing professional, high quality photographs at affordable prices.”

Dirk and Lorelle have grown the company to include 5 full time staff members with a core focus on sports, formals, dance, school, and event photography. Upgrading all the camera and lighting gear, utilising the latest in editing software and delivering high quality digital and print images in the process.

While they have transitioned the studio into the digital age, they’ve kept the good old fashioned values that Ranald Simmonds Photography is famous for. Dirk recalls fondly a moment while photographing a local sports team that a grandparent of one of the children approached him to let him know Ranald himself had photographed his family when they were a child. Being part of such a renowned company with a name many Queenslanders remember is truly something special.

With technology constantly evolving, Dirk and Lorelle are excited for the future and where it will take Ranald Simmonds Photography next!

Community Partners and Sponsors

Ranald Simmonds Photography is very proud to work with a number of organisations whose commitment to quality matches our own.

Our team is passionate about giving back to the community. We are an ongoing supporter of The Pyjama Foundation, an organisation that enriches the lives of young people in foster care.